Who are we?

Waymont Consulting is a small technical consultancy based in the Surrey Technology Centre in Guildford. Our clients are parts of UK Government and small technology companies.

What do we do?

The projects we undertake vary widely. They range from feasibility studies through to the development of technology demonstrators and operational systems for our customers' specific niche requirements.

We are frequently called upon to develop novel processing algorithms to solve our customers' problems. Often we can propose new approaches which provide significant additional benefits which had not previously been considered.

A typical implementation requires high-speed digital signal processing in software or FPGAs supported by an intuitive user interface. This may be followed by a small production run.

Recent projects include the following:

  • Commissioning an ultra-wideband switched-beam antenna
  • Real-time interferometric processing of two 1 Gsps signals in FPGAs
  • Development of a robust lossless video codec for a video recording trial
  • Performance assessment of various signal processing techniques including blind signal separation and blind deconvolution
  • Development of high bandwidth signal analysis tools
  • Real-time video processing to estimate camera motion
  • Investigation of location systems/techniques

We also monitor new developments for ways to improve performance or to keep our customers abreast of the latest technologies - for example how to get the most from modern multicore processor architectures.